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September 21 2014


#1. Woman With A Gas-Resistant Pram, England, 1938

#2. Unpacking the head of the Statue of Liberty, 1885

#3. Elvis in the Army, 1958

#4. Animals being used as part of medical therapy, 1956

#5. Testing of new bulletproof vests, 1923

#6. Charlie Chaplin at age 27, 1916

#7. Hindenburg Disaster, May 6, 1937

#8. Circus hippo pulling a cart, 1924

#9. Annette Kellerman promotes women’s right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907. She was arrested for indecency

#10. Annie Edison Taylor, the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, 1901

#11. 106-year-old Armenian Woman guards home, 1990

#12. Baby cages used to ensure that children get enough sunlight and fresh air when living in an apartment building, ca. 1937

#13. The original Ronald McDonald, 1963

#14. Disneyland Employee Cafeteria in 1961

#15. Advertisement for Atabrine, anti-malaria drug, in Papua, New Guinea during WWII

#16. Soldier shares a banana with a goat during the battle of Saipan, ca. 1944

#17. Little girl with her doll sitting in the ruins of her bombed home, London, 1940

#18. Construction of the Berlin wall, 1961

#19. Unknown soldier in Vietnam, 1965

#20. Bookstore in London ruined by an air raid, 1940

#21. Walter Yeo, one of the first to undergo an advanced plastic surgery and a skin transplant, 1917

#22. Measuring bathing suits – if they were too short, women would be fined, 1920′s

#23. Martin Luther King with his son removing a burnt cross from their front yard, 1960

#24. Hotel owner pouring acid in the pool while black people swim in it, ca. 1964

#25. Lifeguard on the coast, 1920′s

#26. Artificial legs, UK, ca. 1890

#27. Mom and son watching the mushroom cloud after an atomic test, Las Vegas, 1953

#28. Mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948

#29. Austrian boy receives new shoes during WWII

#30. Hitler’s officers and cadets celebrating Christmas, 1941

#31. Christmas dinner during Great Depression: turnips and cabbage

#32. The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, ca. 1927

#33. Last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving, 1963

#34. Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London, 1930

#35. A space chimp posing to camera after a successful mission to space, 1961

#36. Illegal alcohol being poured out during Prohibition, Detroit, 1929

#37. Princeton students after a freshman vs. sophomores snowball fight, 1893

#38. 23 year-old Evelyn McHale’s suicide – she jumped from the 83rd floor of the Empire State Building and landed on a United Nations limousine, 1947

#39. Suntan vending machine, 1949

#40. First morning after Sweden changed from driving on the left side to driving on the right, 1967


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September 13 2014

More bizarrely creative business cards (continued) <-- Transparent
(via Smosh)
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September 08 2014

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September 04 2014

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August 19 2014

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August 18 2014

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August 11 2014

Jeśli jadę z rodakiem i powiem, że jestem inżynierem, to się krzywo uśmiechnie wewnętrznie: Pewnie jakiś technik budowlany. Jeśli powiem, że jestem literatem, pomyśli, że ma do czynienia z reporterzyną, doktor będzie u niego łapiduchem, geometra - skoczybruzdą, urzędnik - urzędasem, policjant - gliną, wydawca - wydławcą, nakładca - nakradcą, ksiądz - klechą, podoficer zawodowy - zupakiem, weterynarz - konowałem, aptekarz - pigularzem, pisarz - gryzipiórkiem, dziennikarz - skrybą, a kucharka - garkotłukiem. Człowiek wesoły w jego pojęciu wygłupia się, człowiek smutny - pozuje, człowiek energiczny - to karierowicz, indywidualność - to reklamiarz, człowiek myślący samodzielnie - strugający wariata, wierzący - to świętoszek, a niewierzący - to bolszewik, przedsiębiorczy - to taki, który pcha się, a wstrzemięźliwy - to kretyn.
— Melchior Wańkowicz, "Kundlizm"
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Religia jest sposobem, w jaki człowiek akceptuje swoje życie jako nieuchronną porażkę.
— Leszek Kołakowski, "Odwet sacrum w kulturze świeckiej", 1973
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August 10 2014

there's not many things i want more than i want a pocket cat.
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July 27 2014

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July 24 2014

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Animal fun fact: Chinchillas can’t get wet. Their fur retains too much water and will start to grow mold. So they bathe by rolling around in dust.

Chinchilla fun fact: Chinchillas have around 20 hairs per follicle; unlike humans who have 2-3 hairs per follicle. Because their fur is so dense, they cannot get fleas or other parasites. The bugs will suffocate in their fur.

Chinchilla fun fact: Petting one of those awesome little guys feels like touching a motherfucking cloud.

Chinchilla fun fact: Their newborn babies are like little pieces of fluffy popcorn. You could easily just toss a handful in your mouth.

Chinchilla fun fact: Don’t toss a handful into your mouth.

July 22 2014

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I have never thought about it in this context

that’s actually really, really creepy.

I… fuck.

Yeah, basically.

I once pointed this out to my mother and she just stared at me, in stunned silence for ages. 

There will always be a girl who is less sober, less secure, with less friends walking in a darker part of town. I want her safe just as much as I want me safe.

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July 20 2014

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